BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and CSO support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks (‘banks’) and the activities they finance. We are an integral part of the global community of CSOs focused on the financial sector as a whole (multilateral and national development banks, export credit agencies, private and institutional investors et cetera).

BankTrack’s mission is to stop banks from financing harmful business activities; to promote a banking sector that respects human rights and contributes to just societies and a healthy planet; and to support fellow civil society organisations in their engagement with banks.

Our core strategies for achieving this mission are:

  • To track the involvement of banks in financing business activities with a negative impact on people and planet, so as to make information on this finance widely available in the public domain;
  • To campaign using engagement and public pressure and in cooperation with partners, in order to stop banks from financing specific projects, companies, and high impact sectors, and to bring about ambitious and effective sustainability commitments from banks;
  • To support CSOs and community organisations that focus on, or encounter banks in their own work, providing them with a range of tools including access to our websites and outreach channels, campaign assistance, training et cetera, so that they achieve their goals in bank-focused campaigning, and connect campaigners from all over the world that target banks, to ensure that their collective efforts are as effective as possible in bringing change to the banking sector.

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