Zero Carbon Guildford


Building a community climate action plan which focuses on emissions-reduction pathways and our connection with the ecosystems that support us. 


Registered Charity No: 1192880


Zero Carbon Guildford is an alliance of local social and environmental groups working across the entire spectrum of our community to build a climate action plan to tackle consumption emissions. We are doing this through education and engagement centred on the climate crisis and ecological destruction, providing ways for people to sidestep the destructive global systems that many of us struggle to escape from, whilst focusing on reconnecting with nature and the ecosystems which support life on earth. 


We offer pathways and solutions to help individuals, organisations, and businesses lower their emissions, with the goal of hitting borough-wide carbon neutrality by 2030. 

We’re currently in the process of opening a physical space, affiliated with the Climate Emergency Centre network, to provide resources, expertise, and a hub for groups to tackle the climate emergency and the social issues which share the same driving causes.